SRF Lake Shrine Meditation Center

Self-Realization Fellowship Every Sunday Bodhi Casa attends an hour long meditation service located at the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine in…

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Peace In The Valley // Bodhi Casa Annual Yosemite Camping Adventure

Yosemite The Bodhi Casa Yosemite backpacking trip is our favorite way to reward residents for completing Phase 1 of the…

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Trestles Surf Trip

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Red Rock Trail Cleanup & Hike

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Abalone Cove

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Following Dreams In Sobriety // A Journey To Machu Picchu

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Lake Powell // Grand Canyon Retreat

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Rock Climbing In Recovery // Bodhi Casa Annual Joshua Tree Adventure

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We take pride in what our guys have to say

Anna Pirkl


My experience in the recovery field has taught me that creating and maintaining a healthy, balanced sober life, is not something that you can learn in a day. The owner and staff at Bodhi Casa understand the immense challenges at every step in this process. As a result, they have created a highly structured and enriching environment to support clients as they grow and learn how to live life sober. Staff are available 24 hours, 7 days a week assisting and monitoring clients as they face this journey. Great care is taken by Bodhi employees to communicate with doctors, therapists and families on a daily basis. After visiting and working with numerous other sober living facilities, I'm confident in saying that Bodhi's facility and more importantly staff and structure offer the best and most powerful approach to helping men build a sober life. I have personally witnessed numerous clients make enormous positive shifts mentally, physically, and spiritually. Their thinking becomes more clear as their ability to deal with difficulties strengthens. Their positive sense of self begins to grow as they take back their responsibilities and reconnect with their ability to be loving and kind. Families learn to trust again. If you are ready for real and lasting change, then Bodhi Casa is the place for you.

Dr. Linda Steele


Aftercare is the most crucial part of recovery in my professional opinion. Learning to build a healthy structured lifestyle as a sober person takes guidance , enthusiasm and support. Bodhi Casa and their trained professional staff offer a platform to jump into a life of meaning and success.

William A.


“I was miserable and hopeless, with nowhere to turn and without a clue of how to get better. Years of abusing drugs and alcohol had destroyed my life and my relationship with my entire family. I knew I did not have real friends for those whom I hung out with were what we call “opportunistic” friends; friends who hung around just waiting for the next free high. I was one too.In desperation and without much hope, I turned to Bodhi Casa sober living. I was a broken shell; I put my ego aside and took to the house rules. We attended AA & NA meetings everyday and had in house meetings as well. They helped me connect to the sober community, and build a strong sober fellowship and support system around me. Through that I found a great connection with a sponsor and was guided through the 12 steps. The camaraderie between the other clients lead to true friendships, and bonds that last till this day. Bodhi Casa gave me the tools to live a balanced, healthy life free from the bondage of alcohol and drug addiction. It laid down a solid foundation for me to follow in order to stay sober and apply the same principles to my everyday life. I am very grateful for Stefan and the Bodhi Casa teams guidance in my sobriety. There’s one thing I know for certain today, living at Bodhi Casa has been the best thing I have done for my life. I would suggest it to anybody. They have a solid program that works, it saved my life!”