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High Sierra and Mt Whitney Adventure

Founder, Stefan Kocev, believes that there is therapeutic value in Adventure Therapy, and when it comes to great hikes in California, one of the most rewarding treks is the John Muir Trail. Recently, Stefan took…


Lake Nacimiento

When it comes to brain development scientific studies have proven that playing makes a connection between neural pathways. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals come from childhoods where they didn’t get a chance to play. That’s…


Big Sur

Scientific studies have shown that when an individual is grounded in nature, their electrical potential becomes equalized through a transfer of electrons from the Earth to the body. At Bodhi Casa, we are always looking…


Darkness Before Dawn: A Fighter’s Road to Recovery // Story On Vice Fightland

Ryan Lang graduated from Northwestern University as a highly decorated Big 10 champion, and was ranked second in the country. In the six years since, after moving to California, his life as an Olympic hopeful…



Manzanar is located in the Owens Valley in California. It lies at the western side of the Great Basin, the northern edge of the Mojave Desert, and the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains….


Into The Mountains We Go

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” John Muir The founder, Stefan Kocev spent time in the Rockies being trained in Search & Rescue. So, whenever possible Stefan likes to take the men on…



At Bodhi Casa, as in life, it is important to gain self-esteem and to continue to challenge oneself in order to build on experience that shows you are capable of achieving your goals. By putting…


Eastern Sierras Desert Camping

Studies have shown that increasing the level of oxygen in your brain increases the levels of serotonin. With nature excursions being part of Bodhi Casa’s Transitional Living Program, a three-day trip to the Eastern Sierras…


Labyrinth Art Excersice & Mindfullness Walk

Labyrinths have been around for thousands of years. The circle and the spiraling path are an ancient symbol that represents wholeness. Today, labyrinths are used as a form of a walking mediation and a mindfulness…


Too Many Bunnies Rabbit Rescue

Bodhi Casa is a big believer in being of service, and that’s why the men are asked to do at least 18 hours of community service in each phase of our Transitional Program. Whether its…


Sober Softball

Organized, structured sports and on-going physical activity can provide many health benefits. Playing sports with a goal in mind not only teaches team-work, but also teaches how to effectively communicate and problem solve together. It…


SRF Lake Shrine Meditation Center

Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) is a worldwide, non-denominational, spiritual organization founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1920. The shrine, located in Pacific Palisades, was to serve as the preservation of Yogananda’s writings and teachings on meditation, including Kriya…


Peace In The Valley // Bodhi Casa Annual Yosemite Camping Adventure

Yosemite The Bodhi Casa Yosemite backpacking trip is our favorite way to reward residents for completing Phase 1 of the program. Wilderness therapy is a nature-centric approach to drug and alcohol abuse treatment through rigorous…


Trestles Surf Trip


Abalone Cove


Cooking With Chef Emily

Once a month Chef Emily comes into Bodhi Casa to share her passion for cooking with our young men. At Bodhi Casa we firmly believe in the connection between mind and body. We keep the…


Hav A Sol

The men of Bodhi Casa headed down to skid row to volunteer with HavASole, a local nonprofit. HavASole’s mission is to provide the homeless and at risk youth population with quality footwear to encourage healthier…


Skateboarding Sober Is Fun


Surfing And Bodhi

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