Dr. Linda Steele


Aftercare is the most crucial part of recovery in my professional opinion.Learning to build a healthy structured lifestyle as a sober person takes guidance , enthusiasm and support.  Bodhi Casa and their trained professional staff offer a platform to  jump into a life of meaning and success.

William A.

I was miserable and hopeless, with nowhere to turn and without a clue of how to get better. Years of abusing drugs and alcohol had destroyed my life and my relationship with my entire family. I knew I did not have real friends for those whom I hung out with were what we call “opportunistic” friends; friends who hung around just waiting for the next free high. I was one too.In desperation and without much hope, I turned to Bodhi Casa sober living. I was a broken shell; I put my ego aside and took to the house rules. We attended AA & NA meetings everyday and had in house meetings as well. They helped me connect to the sober community, and build a strong sober fellowship and support system around me. Through that I found a great connection with a sponsor and was guided through the 12 steps. The camaraderie between the other clients lead to true friendships, and bonds that last till this day. Bodhi Casa gave me the tools to live a balanced, healthy life free from the bondage of alcohol and drug addiction. It laid down a solid foundation for me to follow in order to stay sober and apply the same principles to my everyday life. I am very grateful for Stefan and the Bodhi Casa teams guidance in my sobriety.  There’s one thing I know for certain today, living at Bodhi Casa has been the best thing I have done for my life. I would suggest it to anybody. They have a solid program that works, it saved my life! 5 years clean and sober

Zach G.

The structure is what I needed and the fellowship and support is what I’ve been searching for my entire life…” “My name is Zach and my sobriety date is May 26th 2012. At the age of twenty-three I decided to get sober for the first time. I lived in Texas at the time and I knew that I had to get away if I were to have any success whatsoever. I put myself through a 90-day wilderness program in New Mexico. After my ninety days were up, it was important for me to continue my journey into in the real world. I didn’t know what laid ahead for me and I knew I couldn’t go back home toTexas. I found myself once again falling back into my old ways,becoming fearful, dispirited and morose. My treatment team at wilderness rehab suggested a structured supportive extended care program in Hermosa Beach as the next healthy step on my path to recovery. That program was Bodhi Casa Sober Living for men in Los Angeles, California. I made the decision to enter Bodhi Casa for my aftercare. The thoughtful staff at Bodhi Casa were able to help my mother and I restore hope in our lives. My journey to recovery in sober living started August 1st very timid and not knowing what to expect, I was welcomed with open arms. My fellow housemates in sober living taught me how to get a sponsor at AA meetings and how vital a sponsor is to my personal program of recovery. They were able to reveal my character defects and help me change them. As well as build and cultivate my personal assets, and channel them in a positive sober direction. Bodhi Casa taught me to appreciate the gifts of being of service not only to my peers and new found friends in the 12-step program, but also towards my family. Bodhi Casa Sober Living has taught me how to live a sober life, to actually live and not simply exist. I am truly grateful for the tools Bodhi Casa has given me that allow me to better my relationship with my mother and those around me like never before. I am now ten months sober and I have achieved senior member status in the house. I am able to be a leader not only within the house, but also in the AA community through carrying the message to newcomers and representing a clear example of the true change that is possible living clean and sober free of addiction. I’ve been given the keys to life and an opportunity to enjoy all of its fruitful rewards. I have become the man my family and I always knew I could be, and for that I am truly honored. I am forever graciously indebted to my brothers and to Bodhi Casa.

Richard Clancy

My name is Richard Clancy and my sobriety date is July 7th, 2006. I grew up in New Jersey, and at the age of 15 my family and I moved to San Diego, California. My father was working for Sony at the time and the company had decided to move his branch out west, so off we went. I had begun using drugs and alcohol at the age of 12, and by the time I was 17 my life had spiraled out of control. At that point I was no longer able to control my drinking and using. I had dropped out of high school, burned all my bridges with friends and acquaintances, and my parents had given me an ultimatum: get clean or get out. With nowhere to live and in desperate need of help, I became willing to let go of my old life and begin a new one. I entered a recovery home in Torrance, located near Los Angeles, California.

I underwent a rigorous journey in which I learned to be accountable for myself and to others. I was taught how to be fully self-supporting, to take responsibility for my actions, and most importantly, to stay sober one day at a time in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. At the age of 19, I successfully graduated from the recovery home. I had been given the tools to confront all the situations and emotions that had caused me to self medicate with drugs and alcohol. I had built a solid foundation with a group of my peers. I was prepared to face the real world with a fresh perspective. The next step was to apply the principals I had learned in treatment and in Alcoholics Anonymous to all aspects of my life. I moved out of the recovery home with two men that had started their journey around the same time I had. Life was in session, and it was about time that I take part in it.
I am so blessed and incredibly grateful to have been exonerated from the insanity of drinking and drug abuse. I have experienced the stabbing pains of imprisonment that accompany an existence burdened by the insatiable need to use drugs and alcohol, and I have emerged from this experience a free man. My life is full of joy and excitement today. I have regained the trust and good graces of my family. I have made strong friendships with amazing people in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. I have the honor and the privilege of being a sponsor, taking another alcoholic through the steps of this program. I have been given the most incredible opportunity to work in recovery, to help others gain the freedom that I once struggled feverishly to obtain. I am fully self-supporting through my own contributions, and I am able to financially contribute to the well being of those around me who are less fortunate. This life is nothing less than a miracle; a gift that has been given to me as a direct result of working the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and practicing the principals of this program in all of my affairs.

Currently, I serve as the house manager at Bodhi Casa Men’s Sober Living Los Angeles. The philosophy at Bodhi Casa is derived from the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, and as such we encourage residents to jump whole heartedly into the program through actions such as attendance at two meetings per day, extensive reading and writing in the AA literature, and obtaining a sponsor. We teach young men how to live sober and to grasp valuable concepts such as accountability, honesty, integrity, good work ethic, and responsibility. We focus on companionship, helping others, and supporting each other. One of the major determining factors in my early recovery was the amazing support group that was available to me. I firmly believe that I would not have been successful on my own without a peer group to lean on. It is for this reason that I work diligently to instill a sense of unity and brotherhood amongst residents at Bodhi Casa. Essentially, my aim is to give to others what has been given to me and to share this amazing way of life that has manifested itself as a result of taking the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. I am truly passionate about the work that I do, and I am honored to be in a position where I can guide young men in the same way that I was guided years ago. Each day is a blessing and a new opportunity to strive for greater things, and I am grateful that I get to be a part of something so rewarding.


hit a very important milestone on my journey of recovery a little over a week ago.I had the privilege of taking my 6 month sobriety commendation chip. It was a feat that I would have not even been able to conceive during the height my drug and alcohol abuse. This milestone brought not only joy to the people in my life and myself but also a lot of personal reflections on the essential factors that have made it possible. The only form of treatment that I have experienced prior to becoming a resident at Bodhi Casa Sober Living Los Angeles was Narconon, a Scientology based and funded treatment center, in which based its ideology that Alcoholism was curable through their obscure and unorthodox program.That experience proved not only false but diminished any remaining hope that I would have ever been able to overcome the disease of addiction. Bodhi Casa introduced me to the AA program and provided me with the structure to develop the fundamental tool needed to be an industrious, responsible and self-sustaining adult.When I had first moved into sober living I was devastated to discover that cell phones, personal computers and other electronic amenities were considered contraband during the initial phases of the Bodhi Casa regiment. I was consumed by my own selfish desires that I could not see the benefits of stripping ourselves down to the bare essentials in order to begin the process of rebuilding and reforming our personalities from the detrimental effects of our substance abuse. It was such trivial matters that produced much angst in the early stages of my recovery but the more time I started to accumulate under my belt the more grateful I became of the structure and program provided by Bodhi Casa. I realize now that there is no rule that is in place without a reason, although I may have had a hard time accepting the structure, it has always proven to have yielded essential results that have positively influenced my sobriety and recovery from addiction. The support of the managers and fellow residents have been a defining factor and important source of comfort. The trust and friendships shared by every resident of the house have forged bonds that will last a lifetime. It becomes the first and strongest safety net of support that every member of the house can rely upon. It has been the most influential aspect of my recovery.

Having no previous knowledge of the AA program, the mandatory AA meetings a day throughout the week and the expected responsibilities of pursuing commitments and securing a sponsor made for an easy assimilation and integration into what AA had to offer. By following the steps of AA and the abiding the rules and regulations of Bodhi Casa change was not only felt by myself but by my peers and my family. Today I have an amazing relationship with my family and I have the luxury of being able see the pride and the joy in their eyes. I have never been able to provide them anything like the gift of my sobriety and my well being. The thought of them being able to sleep without having to worry about me has become a self perpetuating force behind my sobriety and compounded with the help of Bodhi Casa I have never been so hopeful and proud of the individual that I am today.

Brandon S.

Bodhi Casa Sober Living Los Angeles was the key to open up my new life, and empowered me to close the door on my personal battle with drug addiction and alcoholism. I came into Sober living as an immature 20 year old with no hopes or dreams of any kind, and no direction out of the maze I was in with my addiction. I was locked in a cycle of relapse, that was slowly and painfully destroying my life and the lives of my family. Bodhi Casa Sober Living was literally the last house on the block for me. Without the help, guidance, direction, and support from the owner and managers of the Bodhi Casa program; I don’t think I would be sitting here 3 ½ years later living the beautiful life I built from going through a structured sober house. When I arrived the AA sober community in Los Angeles immediately embraced me. The structure and brother-hood in Bodhi Casa Sober Living was nothing I had ever experienced before. Prior to entering Bodhi Casa I was in many other treatment centers, rehabs, behavioral modification programs, other sober houses in Los Angeles, California and the Mid West but none of those other places let me explore who I am as a person. Bodhi Casa saved my life and let me discover my true self. I learned the basic necessities of becoming a man, having integrity, work ethic, living honestly and with purpose. As I said, I destroyed my life and Bodhi Casa helped me rebuild it. Today, I am fulfilling my dream of becoming a Computer Administrator. Bodhi Casa showed me the good in me when I thought I was nothing. I was constantly reminded that I could strive to be whatever I want as long as I stay on the path of recovery, and implement the tools I learned at sober living. I am forever grateful for Bodhi Casa.”